Acting classes have always been popular in the US, allowing thousands of kids to both enjoy the fun side of the process on one hand and understand the best literary and stage works in a deeper way!

Children in our program are growing in confidence and are less afraid to express themselves in our classes, but more importantly, in life! I am passionate about this program and know first-hand that by participating in a program such as this, our children WILL be more confident in their own authenticity, to appreciate the differences in others, to think more creatively, to practice leadership, and to learn to speak up and communicate more effectively.

At these classes, we push the tables and chairs aside and ask the students to throw their inhibitions out the window. We provide an environment that encourages students to experiment with their voices and express themselves creatively without judgment. We ask them to take risks and try a new approach at the risk of failure, then we encourage them to try again.

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